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Refunds & Payments

All listed prices are in AUD dollars. Only accepting payment method is via PayPal for easier and safer transactions.

Payments are submitted in full and up-front (Unless theres a very specific reason/situation).

Once full-payment is received, I will begin working on your commission or packages - I will not begin working until the invoice has been paid in full.

Due to the nature of the business and the type of merchandise(s), I DO NOT issue refunds. However, if your item hasn't been delivered correctly, you can send me a message via contact and I will follow up with your issue.


Revisions on commissions are limited to 5 free revisions. Any additional revisions will have additional fees OR the commission progression will stop.

Posting & Online Presence

I reserve the right to post/stream your commission on my social platforms (ArtStation, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc.) in order to promote my work and what I do.


However, if you don't want your commission and/or name to be seen publically, let me know and I won't post (or won't have your name up - I'll make your name as "anonymous" or other alternatives).

If you are going to post my work online, be sure to credit me in the description.

If its a Profile Picture, you can credit me in your bio, or as a text box under the image itself (if you can).

Please do not reprint or redistribute your commission.

What I don't draw and Consequences

I will not draw:
Original Characters you DON'T OWN (F
anart are an exception due to popular media)

Original Characters you DON'T HAVE PERMISSION to use (Fanart are an exception due to popular media)

In failuring to follow these terms will result in you being blacklisted from working with me in the future.

Terms and Conditions

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